Dear colleagues and friends,

We are delighted to invite you, on behalf of the Organising and Scientific Committees, to participate in the “1st International Congress on Psycho–Pedagogical Problem-Solving Strategies: Psychology, Pedagogics and Allied Sciences create "bridges of knowledge" for the interdisciplinary tackling of children and adolescent's problems”.

The meeting which is under the auspices of the Hellenic Republic Region of Central Macedonia will take place at the “THESSALONIKI CONCERT HALL ” Convention and Cultural Center, from the 12th to the 13 th April 2019.

This scientific event is organized by the HELLENIC INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE – AMFIKTIONIES, in scientific collaboration with the “Department of Early Childhood Education” of the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Department of “Hippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki” and the “Sector of Social Cohesion, Refugee and Migrant” , Region of Central Macedonian, Greece.

The conference’s aim is clear: to be an interdisciplinary event able to support the new generation of professionals and scientists. The Organising Committee’s vision is to bring together experts who will share the latest and most innovative usable pedagogical practices in the fields of psychology, and ‘allied’ sciences. Through their keynote addresses and lectures, they will set the tone for interactions between researchers from different fields who face similar problems in people of the same age range while pursuing similar objectives.

The intention of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to listen to both intra- and inter-disciplinary scientific presentations and to exchange ideas on innovative daily practices between professional and academic experts, in a friendly environment. The objective is to improve achievement and quality of life of school children and the adolescent population.

In simple words, the focus of this 1st international meeting is on the one hand, the decoding of the risk factors that affect the psycho-pedagogical life of children aged from 3 to 16 years old. On the other, it is to hear new views from experts on current pedagogical problems and discuss novel, different and necessary strategies to deal with them.

Hence, we expect that ‘bridges of knowledge’, born through the exchange of ideas between scientists from the field of Education, Psychology, Physical Education, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Philosophy, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy and basic cognitive fields from other sectors, will lead to improving the desired outcomes in certain groups of the young population.

We are confident that your participation will be in making this meeting a stimulating, enjoyable and unforgettable event and therefore we are looking forward to welcoming you personally in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki.


 Cordially yours,
Vidali - Laloumi Eva PhD   Dafoulis Vaios MD, PhD

Professor of Pedagogic 
Department of Early Childhood Education  
Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki

Child Psychiatrist
Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Department,
Hippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki